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The personal homepage of a living member of family Hominidae known by the language unit Michael J. Kwayisi.Come, step over the threshold; welcome to my humble home!

Greetings, fellow mortal in the universe! Welcome to my personal space on Mr. Tim's World Wide Web. This website is several things, but in short, it's a personal homepage; so expect to find many of the things you would find on other personal homepages. It serves as an outlet for me to express ideas and attempt to communicate with others. Such ideas may be intended to inform, educate, inspire debate, or merely to intrigue. The contents vary from thoughts of an African programmer to just about anything. It is not always straight and engrossing. It is not always about programming or even computers. However, there is constantly enough variation to keep it going.

My goal is not to present an artistic HTML7 website or to force your web browser to execute some arbitrary JavaScript code I copied from somebody's website to beautify stuff. Rather, the interface of this site is meant to be a flexible one for conveying content. My favorite sites—the ones that draw me back and make me think—are those that are easy to navigate, work without JavaScript, and are full of content. So for this site, I have decided to worry less about presentation, and concern myself more with what I am writing. The best way to browse these essays and articles is via the writings page, where they are categorized into their year of publication.

Latest Essays and Articles

  1. Just Because I Had to Break the Silence

    1 year ago · Dec 29, 2015 at 01:03 GMT

    I have recently come to a realization that as a man deepens in beliefs, so does he in doubts so that the one who is the most conscientious is invariably the most ignorant. (Yes, it is true - at least, philosophically.) But what complicates the matter is that if one does not set appropriate limits to his doubts, they would eventually consume his beliefs so that the person ends up gaining a great deal of knowledge but loses all practical wisdom and reasonableness. This, is what inspires me to tell you a story of a mysterious man who was once a friend of mine.

  2. India 99, Ghana 1: The Complete Mfum Story

    3 years ago · Nov 5, 2014 at 17:18 GMT

    Perhaps you have heard of the football match between India and Ghana where the Ghanaians lost by 99 goals to one; yet, the Black Stars were awarded the trophy. But how could it be that the team that lost became the one that won? Well, because the recitals are mostly inconsistent (everyone having their own "version"), some have even dismissed such a historic account as a Kwaku Ananse story. But wait, this article presents all the facts so that you may know fully the certainty of the things that you may have only been informed orally.

  3. EC103: Jobs.com.gh's Multiple Vulnerabilities

    3 years ago · May 13, 2014 at 06:15 GMT

    Jobs.com.gh is a Ghanaian job portal launched in 2013 by Ringier Ghana, a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational media enterprise Ringier AG. The website lists job vacancies on a daily basis and claims to be "Ghana's number 1 jobs portal." In this third case study of the Exploit Chronicles campaign, we are putting Jobs.com.gh on the radar. One distinguishing feature of this case study, however, is the absence of an SQL injection vulnerability. For the first time, we are exploiting a logical flaw in the design, implementation, and functioning of an application.

For Geeks—Technical Talk

Just in case you are the kind who cares about such things, the underlying software of this website is a hacked version of Apache. It is installed with a PHP CGI engine and configured to use MySQL as the back-end DBMS. The overall architectural design is flat—all pages are simply posts. These are written in a special markup language which outputs highly optimized and cacheable HTML, and even binary data like images! I reinvented the wheel because all the already-made solutions were too bulky for my simple needs. In reality, this whole website runs from a single PHP script, has no client-side dependencies, and does not leave any chocolate chip cookies on your device!

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DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed on this website (that is, those that originate with me) are my own; they do not represent the plans, thoughts, or strategies of my employer, family, friends, religion, or even that my beautiful future wife. Likewise, the views expressed in public comments on some parts of this site are those of their respective authors and do not reflect my point of view on the matter. The world already has enough of its conspiracy theories, don't you think? Meh.