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The hard work of the stupid ones makes them wearyThe hard work of the stupid ones makes them weary

Welcome to my playground—a place where I keep random interesting stuff that don't fit anywhere else on this website; and the image above competently bears witness to that end. Just in case you were wondering, "What's up with the caption?" those are words of the wise King Solomon. I think it teaches that if one does not exercise good judgment, all his hard work will fail to produce anything worthy but ultimately make them jaded. Unfortunately, the man died before I was born so I missed the grand opportunity of finding out from him whether I am one of such ones. I tried whatsapping him recently, though, but it wouldn't go through. I wonder what kinda phone he uses now.

Did I tell you I used to be a DJ? Of course I didn't. Yeah, when I was young and naive; when I used to have some blings around my neck and other shiny things all around me; when I used to walk the streets in the neighborhood in my limited edition Air Force 1 sneakers and stuff. O man, those were some glorious days! My playlists were so good I got invited to some radio station in Atlanta but I rejected the offer 'cause I enjoyed rolling with my homies so much, you know. Back in the day when men were boys and mommas be smokin' gases in the kitchen. It was sick! Anyway, holla at your boy if you got some mixtapes you want me to help you grind. My stuff gon' make you trip—for real!

A Hustler's Calendar

Hey, check out this calendar. See: sometime, somewhere between the moon and the sea, me and some boys learned how to program computers. While they are now using their skill to build enterprise applications, I’m using mine to write HTML calendars! Regardless, I think it’s cool.


Programming Heroes

I love computer programming and every so often I spend a couple of hours doing it. But there are those who methinks are accomplished in this amazing field that requires what keen intellect. Such ones are those that I refer to as my heroes. Please note that I do not necessarily regard these undermentioned individuals as the "best" of all programmers. Rather, simply, these are the ones that I admire most with respect to their absolute technical competencies.

Miscellaneous Aggregation

Some random stuff...

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