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Bukom Banku - Quotes and proverbs

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Of course, 'an empty calabash cannot sink in the river'Of course, 'an empty calabash cannot sink in the river'

Isaac Braimah Kamoko, most popularly known as Bukom Banku, is a Ghanaian professional boxer, actor, musician, and comedian. He is the current holder of the World Professional Boxing Federation Light Heavyweight belt with an impressive undefeated record of 27-0-0 (20 KO). But despite having such a remarkable boxing statistic to his name, he is especially known for his comic personality and the use of his self-invented Bukom English. In addition, he has a great wealth of proverbs of which very few—if any—can capably explain. Below are a selection.

  • Karl Lokko—he is my former trainer. He is not my trainer; I sack him. I'm big more than him. He is not a eye doctor. Why are you telling somebody that if he fight again he will blind? I know what is going on. I, Bukom Banku, I know in my head back. I have prepared my two legs and my heart. The ring go decide. I, Bukom Banku; I will stop my opponent. Boxing is my favorite.
  • Ayitey Powers: "Banku, everyday when we are mention people, you say John Mahama." Bukom Banku: "Yes, that's my father; number one in Ghana. He is a creativity."
  • If Asamoah Gyan goes to the world, he is more famous than me. But in Ghana, I am more popular. All the people like me. They like my English. Asamoah Gyan cannot speak my English. I am not anybody in this country. I'm the big popular. I'm the musician. I'm the comedian.
  • KSM: "Today you are cool. Why?" Banku: "I don't have cool; I want to charge myself." "But when you came, you were sitting down quietly." "Yes, I make weight that's why I make cool. I'm not a quiet person—I'm joking." "Where did you learn all this English?" "It is my own mentality. I have the Bukom Dictionary. Anytime I wake up in the morning I teach myself."

List of Bukom Banku Quotes

  • Ayitey Powers get elephant body, dog brain.
  • Education is the key but John Mahama spoil the padlock.
  • Even if I buy house in Legon, I can't leave Bukom. Bukom is my temperature.
  • I no dey need school. I have money dada, pass your papa sef!
  • I will beat Ayitey Powers and go to Nigeria and beat TB Joshua.
  • Peoples know I use my medulla oblongata—it's a sensibility for the inside.
  • The lady, I love him. Not as a sister. I love him. He is my wife.
  • They are shouting like a milk but they are empty konko.
  • What I will use to drink drink, I will use it to mash the banku and drink.
  • When I do campaign for politics they didn't give me any nothing so I am stop.
  • When I eat banku, I get more power. When I don't eat banku, I can't train.

List of Bukom Banku Proverbs

  • A dead lion is more than a dog is not dead.
  • A faint heart cannot call a fair lady.
  • A man can never be careful unless he buys a white shirt and a new car.
  • A monkey learn about the mango tree, they cannot fall down.
  • A river cannot flow into the forest without bringing down the trees.
  • A talking plenty cannot make dead man hear you.
  • A tsetse fly cannot listen to their teaching, it is walking to the dead man to go cemetery.
  • Abundance of water the foolish man must be taste.
  • Anything you want, if you get there, there is no beggars on the road.
  • Empty calabash cannot sink in the river.
  • If any small boy got a small money he became a missed call.
  • Man for war no fear gun bullet.
  • Only strong man propose in front of crowd.
  • The disgrace of okro is a cassava shame.
  • The only foolish dog run after the flying bird.
  • The road you pass some people have pass already.
  • Too much of laughing is killing disease.
  • When a vulture shake their waist, it is cover their sons.
  • When the bush are destroyers, any animals cannot open mouth to talk.
  • When the God are support you, nobody are killing you.
  • Woman without no man is like river without source.

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  1. Justice OpokuJustice Opoku
    May 19, 2015 23:09 GMT

    I remember he said ''if you carry a egg you must no dance'' at the KSM show.

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