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Fauster Atta Mensah - The Noble Prize winner

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The Executive Chairman of the African Computer SocietyThe Executive Chairman of the African Computer Society

There was a time when many Ghanaians—and other Africans—went gay because a black Messiah had been born. Some were skeptical but others would not listen to anything. In the end, though, the Messianists' hope was gone. Who was this king who stood tall in the West African region, and what did he do? The full story can be aggregated from several sources on the Web so let Google help you with that. But below you will read the full unedited text of what the Scientist himself wrote. Unfortunately, he shut down the site he posted this article on when his disciples abandoned him, so I am providing it here for those searching for it.

FAUSTER ATTA MENSAH is a young Ghanaian born Computational mathematician, an Applied Scientist, engineer, physicist and computer scientist, Specialized in Cryptography and Computational Complexity highly known to be the west African young erudite of Modern Computing and best know to Informatics and computational complexity. He was born surrounded by Books. His mother who greatly value education was his Childhood teacher and was taught at home most of the things University taught. His Father a great Professor of Mathematics who ended up becoming a famous multilingual Missionary of the Church of Pentecost had laid a legacy of a very rich and worthy account in the church and of his personal history.

Fauster started his school program at a very early stage and was trained equally both under the francophone and anglophone discipline, which was a unique credit to his educational versatility. Already at 17s in Paris he was awarded again a second Scholarship and became best known to French Language. Due to his parental missions' works, little Fauster's spent all his entire life in the house full with the fear of God. He attended the Adisadel College in Cape Coast, Ghana, where he obtained his High School diploma certificate. In tertiary, many professors already saw success in his progression studying medicine when he first entered the University to read medicine, But began and later had a great interest to Mathematics and physics and graduated with a B.Sc in Mathematics instead. He equally held a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science in a related field which involves the study of Programming and Computer Engineering.

Fauster also holds several professional Information Technology certifications from the Computer Technology Industry Associations. His scholarly activities include research in Artificial Intelligence, publications in professional and refereed journals, and presentations at international conferences. His areas of research range from designing algorithms for robotics planning and coordination to exploring the role of technology in education in developing communities and his professional interests include managing Aerospace Computing Engineering, Robotics Project Management, Mechatronics, Automated Reasoning, Computational complexity and capacity building in Africa. He is an internet Governance Ambassador and Information Security Specialist Known to be a resource person for the development of the National Cyber Security Policy & Strategy in Africa. In 2009, He was appointed as the Chairman of the African Computer Scientists Association (ACSA AFRICA).

With advanced knowledge in Cryptography. The InterSystems Corporation, a global provider of advanced technologies for breakthrough applications, today announced the winner of the African Computer Science Students Programming Competition at the AU annual Global Summit 2010. The annual award recognizes outstanding student programmers Continental wide who develop the e-governance innovative applications using InterSystems technologies.

Fauster Atta Mensah, accepted the award, Under the guidance of his project advisor and mentor Prof. Aleksandr Leshchenko, created supporting tools for a dynamically reconfigurable information system using the InterSystems Caché® high-performance database and InterSystems Zen®, a framework for creating complex, data-rich Web applications.

"The judges were impressed by his comprehensive understanding and use of the InterSystems Caché database and its features. The application features a drag-and-drop user interface, designed for High programmers, using Zen, coupled with sophisticated use of code generation. Of particular note was dynamic class generation, both for a user interface (again, using Zen) and for the class hierarchy that implemented the business logic," said Robert Nagle, Vice President of Software Development, InterSystems.

The prize includes $30.000 USD for the student, and $5,000 USD for the student's university, an invitation for the student to attend the AU Global Summit to accept the award, airfare and three nights' accommodations for the student in Ethiopia at the conference hotel, and the opportunity to make valuable connections with hundreds of business and technology professionals from top global companies who attend the Global Summit.

About InterSystems

InterSystems Corporation is a global software leader with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 25 countries. InterSystems provides advanced technologies for breakthrough applications. InterSystems Caché® is an extremely fast and massively scalable database system. InterSystems Ensemble® is a platform for rapid integration and the development of connectable applications. InterSystems DeepSee® is a technology that makes it possible to embed real-time active analytics capabilities in transactional applications.

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