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Writings: My musings, essays and articlesA generic log of my written works on just about anything

This is not a blog; it is just a space where I put articles and essays that I write. Such writings are not dedicated to a particular subject or a selected range of topical interests, but a generic log of my research, experiences, meditations, and commentaries on just about anything. This page, serving as the index, attempts to list all these articles, categorized into their year of publication. It also serves as a pseudo-sitemap for this site since the actual sitemap is currently only meaningful to bots and a few weird computer nerdz.

General computing

Unsorted miscellanea

DISCLOSURE: As I write about what I want, when I want, however I want, there is a reasonably good chance that at some point what I will write may upset, offend, or even annoy you. Sadly, the longer you read the contents on this site, the more likely this becomes.